Trainers for tiny Ladies!

Trainers to tiny Ladies!

When I was young I would totter around life with my trainers like they were glued to my tootsies, even to dinner and other occations (I had some dam classic sneakers). Alas the hight fairy didn’t grant me my wish for growth, and I stayed relatively the same hight as I was when I was 14, trainers are a no more.

But look whats that! Adidas of all people have come to my aid, with some hideous monstrosity. But worry not my friends, when one trainer heel arrives, more shall follow.

Hideous, and Yet Artistically Helpful

Hideous, and Yet Artistically Helpful

Do you love the planet? Well I’m kinda partial to it, I’ve gotten used to this old ball of rock over the years. With this handy fashion forward shoe you can help seed the earth as well as freak out bystanders as you go. Of course this isn’t for wearing, but it would be amusing to see someone trotter past in a pair of these, as they try to seed the pavement.

Shoe of the day: Diane von Furstenburg

Keith, why has it taken so long for you time come into my life?

The Coolture Club

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 16.39.05

These boots are called Keith. I wish Keith would be my feet boyfriend.

It is very, very cold in London right now and it’s always pretty wet. The time of year has come when any other type of shoe just simply will not cut it; my feet need boots.

And Keith are the finest example of boot on the playground right now. Let’s face it, no one can handle heels everyday, but Keith is stylish enough to make up for the casual lack-of-heel.

Unlike a decent boyfriend, Keith can be yours for a mere £303.26 from Farfetch.

Cheers Diane.

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Comical Yet Impractical

Comical Yet Impractical

I have been labelled comical yet impractical many times myself, yet this pair of naughty toe warmers, seem difficult to pin when to wear. My brothers bar mitzvah? Coffee with that old friend I haven’t seen for a few years? Or maybe when I’m feeding the ducks. Either way top marks to cheeky, wavy hand for usage



In a world packed with shoes with beauty, the ugly ducklings always seem to slip through the cracks. Maybe these shoes provide a service, to make us gasp in wonder at the great whilst we remember this monstrosity.